Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 11:16:07

One of the key features of the program is the option to generate unified structural elements based on theoretical reinforcement obtained from strength analysis. This option is now available for various types of elements, including:

  • floor slab
  • foundation slab
  • column
  • beam
  • stairs.

In the new version of the program this functionality is expanded, and now unification can also be performed for reinforced concrete walls. The wall unification is similar to the unification of framework elements, which is already familiar to users. The interface of the working window is divided into three zones: the list of all walls with descriptions of their properties is presented on the left, the schematic presentation of the wall with reinforcement contour plots is displayed on the right, and on the top there is a filter that makes it easy to browse through the list of walls in the project.

This tool is one more step in helping engineers easily process large amounts of information about walls. It enables you to unify walls, taking into account not only the geometrical properties of the elements and their location in the framework but also the results obtained in the analysis of reinforcement carried out for these elements.

Unification of walls