Last updated: March 27, 2024
  • A new option to select colour settings for interactive screenshots that are added to the Report Book. Either current colour settings or the default White colour standard may be applied.

    Moreover, it is now possible to customize the option "Return to view / Update with current colour settings or with colour settings saved in the screenshot".

    This option is helpful, for example, when you prepare screenshots for printing if they were taken with a background other than white or the colour standard Black. To do this, before you save the *.docx file, in the document window, apply the colour, format for numbers and font settings and then update with current settings.


    An interactive screen copy of the design model window, or, in short, a window screen shot, is an image of the design model with associated data, namely, the settings of the design model image and the data for updating this image. Unlike a regular image, a window screen shot may be updated if the design model or its analysis results change.

The "Return to view / Update with current colour settings" command (Report Book)
  • New option to organise the data in two columns in the "Metal elements (selection)" table. Now it is possible to sort (initially) the data in one column (in ascending/descending order), and then additional sorting by one of the columns - "groups of properties for subheading /element/ Unification group of element, structural element / selected section" (from A to Z/in ascending/descending order). In this case, the order of rows defined initially is saved.

Metal element (Selection) table. Option to organise the data by two columns

"Metal element (Selection)" table. Option to organise the data by two columns
  • The "Structural element" column is added to the tables DCF and DCL characteristic (design, design long-term, normative, normative long-term). When appropriate check box is selected, the names of structural elements are displayed in the filter settings, so you could easly organise the data by this parameter.