Training Course: LIRA-SAPR for elementary users

Prerequisites: theory of Finite Element Method (FEM); working knowledge of MS Windows.
Duration: 5 days.


Introduction: analysis methods, static analysis, library of finite elements.
  1. Static analysis of 2D bar systems (truss, continuous beam, 2D reinforced concrete and steel frames, beam grillage on elastic foundation).
  2. Analysis of wall-beam.
  3. Analysis of flexural slab, slab on elastic and pile foundations.
  4. Static analysis of 3D frame and cased frame systems.
  5. How to deal with design options.
  6. How to deal with load cases, design combinations of forces (DCF), design combinations of loads (DCL).
  7. Mode for analysis and design of reinforced concrete (RC) structures (analysis of reinforcement in bar and plate RC elements).
  8. Mode for analysis and design of steel structures (selection and check of sections in steel bars).
  9. How to deal with DOCUMENTER system.
  10. Dynamic analysis of 2D bar systems (wind pulsation and earthquake load).

+ 2 hours of practical skills per day.

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