Large panel buildings Parametric design of large panel buildings in LIRA-SAPR

Structural model of the large panel building is generated. Analysis is carried out and then you could obtain parameters of the stress strain state for elements of the large panel building. Constantly enlarged and editable library of joint types is provided. This library ensures adaptability of the system to new types of large panel buildings.

Library of joints in preprocessor SAPFIR

Embedded items

The library contains different variants of the following types of joints: platform joint, contact joint, vertical joints of wall panels with or without embedded items, etc. According to selected type, the user could compose certain samples of joints and place them to the building model.

Division and assignment of panel joints

Linear and nonlinear analyses are available for large panel buildings. The FE library contains new elements of panel joints. Nonlinear analysis enables you to carry out analysis by step-type method (simulation of loading process) and iteration method based on NonLinear Engineering Design concept (NL Engineering). With the latter concept it is possible to carry out analysis in standard method (analysis on several load cases, composing DCF and DCL, analysis of reinforcement, structural elements of joints and embedded items) with indirect consideration of nonlinear behaviour of structure. After analysis you will obtain all parameters of the stress-strain state of elements in the large panel building including diagrams of contact stresses in joints of the building.

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