Graphical presentation of cleanup

Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 11:17:02

It is possible to have a graphical representation of the cleanup objects that is color-coded (green for objects with cleanup, red for objects without cleanup). Cleanup in columns for slabs and in beams for walls, columns, and beams are displayed as points. Wall cleanup for slabs is displayed with horizontal lines, and wall cleanup for walls is displayed with vertical lines. The points and lines of cleanup in the meshed model become the points and lines of the combined behaviour of the objects (intersection points and lines). This type of representation makes it possible, even at the stage of the physical model, to identify locations where the combined behaviour of objects cannot be guaranteed. Use the "Filter for object visualization" dialog box to specify the parameters for cleanup points and lines in objects.

Cleanup points and lines

Cleanup points and lines

In accordance with certain criteria, new visualization modes are introduced to the set of functions for colour presentation of objects:

  • to display layer colours; it enables you to display objects in the colours corresponding to their layers. This tool facilitates orientation in the model when the "import floor plans" option is applied;

  • "Editable Analytics" mode. In this mode, objects that were modified manually will be displayed in colour. This visualization mode will help the user understand the modifications made to the analytical model.

These functions significantly simplify work with the model and provide more convenient and efficient interaction with the model.

How to work with object visualization in the LIRA-CAD model