ESPRI – Steel structures

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Steel structures

6 modules
Steel Table
The module provides you with a wide set of reference tables for steel shapes, steels and combinations shape-steel. The data is presented as reference tables that contain geometric properties of steel shapes, strength properties of steel according to their thickness, information whether this shape may be fabricated from a certain steel grade.

Analysis of Steel Elements
The module enables you to select and check sections (33 types) of steel structures. SNIP II-23-81* and Eurocode 3 are supported. Algorithms of STC-SAPR design module (steel structure analysis in LIRA-FEM program) are applied. Analysis is carried out according to regulations that contain data about design properties of steel, dimensions and geometric properties of structural shapes. Analysis of sections according to updated building code SP 16.13330.2011 is added. Output data is presented as utilization ratio for sections, lacing and battening according to ultimate (ULS) and serviceability limit states (SLS). For analysis according to Eurocode 3, the tracing routine is available.

Principal and Equivalent Stresses in Steel Structures
The module enables you to calculate principal and equivalent stresses by different criteria of rupture for the specified stress tensor.

Effective Lengths of Steel Structure Elements
The module enables you to determine (according to SNIP II-23-81*) effective lengthsfor different elements of steel structures:
• single column with uniform section;
• elements of uniform sections with rotation stiffness at its ends;
• elements of uniform section in single and multistorey frames;
• intersecting elements of uniform sections;
• continuous elements (of upper chord of truss and crane column);
• elements of space trusses;
• lower part of columns with variable cross sections.

Parametric Joints of Steel Structures
The module enables you to design and check joints of steel structures according to specified prototypes. The joint is described with full set of parameters – number of bolts, length and leg of weld, etc. These parameters are selected or checked in calculation procedure. The library contains 24 prototypes of joints: beam-to-column connections, column bases, brace connection joints, etc. Output data is presented as the table with selected or checked parameters as well as utilization ratio for these parameters by appropriate procedure. The tracing routine is available for computation procedure.

Cold-formed Shapes
The module enables you to check and select sections of columns, beams and trusses made of cold-formed steel shapes. The module realizes the Guidelines for design, fabrication and erection of framework structures of low-rise buildings and mansards made of cold-formed galvanized steel shapes manufactured by Balt-Profil Ltd.