The origins of our company begin more than five decades ago in the early days of finite element analysis technology. In the 1960s a group of research workers in Kiev began work on development of software products that will meet the demands of the civil and structural engineer. This team was lead by Alexander Gorodetsky who, in the early 1980s, became deputy director of State R&D Institute of Automated Systems in Construction (NDIASB). This organization soon became the leader in the design and development of software solutions for design professionals.

Some time ago we set up a group of companies (LIRA SAPR, LIRA Service, SOFOS) in order to develop and market design analysis software products and make them familiar for foreign customers. From that time the companies have invested heavily and continuously in the software products. We provide particularly reliable engineering software products for design engineers in the construction industry. We develop high-quality engineering software products for civil and structural engineering fields.

Our main software package LIRA-FEM is considered as one of the most respected engineering software packages available today in Ukraine and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The LIRA line of products also contains software packages for architectural modelling (SAPFIR software), design and analysis of separate elements, buildings, different types of engineering structures. Specialized software package MONOMAKH-SAPR enables you to design and analyse monolithic reinforced concrete structures in the shortest possible time. Software package ESPRI is a set of programs that help civil and structural engineers make necessary decisions at their own workplace.

Our software products are continually updated to take advantage of the latest BIM technologies. We also offer a wide range of customer support services, including training, hotline technical support, structural engineering analysis and design, etc.