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  • 31 August, 2023

The 10th architectural student competition STEEL FREEDOM will start on 1 September. LIRALAND Group supports the talented youth of Ukraine, students of architectural and construction specialties. We are once again partners of the architectural student competition STEEL FREEDOM.

Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2022 R2

LIRA-SAPR 2022 now provides a plug-in for Tekla Structures 2023. Enhanced options for IFC and DWG export. Modifications in design modules for metal and reinforced concrete structures and in additional systems Large Panel Buildings, SAPFIR-Generator, SAPFIR-RC. Enhanced analysis of reinforced concrete bars according to SP RK EN and other improvements.


  • 23 March, 2023

In addition to new features and options, LIRA-SAPR 2022 R2 includes all modifications made in the previous service packs for the first release.

Workshop: LIRA-SAPR on Eurocodes

The training course is devoted to the calculation of load-bearing building structures in the LIRA-SAPR according to the norms of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on Eurocodes (SP RK EN (set of rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan), and National annexes to them and NTP (Normative technical manual)).

Cooperation agreement with KNUCA

The LIRALAND Group promotes the improvement of the qualifications of employees and the training of scientific personnel, including the education of students, post-graduate students, and the internship of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers.

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2022 R1

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2022 R1 is released. The following items are updated: Slab contours, axes, *. ifc, Autodesk Revit, load collection, special load, intersections, steel table, pile array, levels, PRB, lintels, joint, reinforcement colour palette, rope, SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011, SP RK EN 1993-1-1:2005/2011, DCF table, characteristic combination, modal analysis, three-component accelerogram, metal section, moduli of subgrade reaction (subgrade moduli), analysis on seismogram, analysis termination, trapezoidal load, loading by formula, structural elements, calculation of deflection


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