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Latest Blog Posts

Two-way integration with Autodesk Revit
Within the framework of building information modeling (BIM) concept, two-way integration of Autodesk Revit - LIRA-SAPR - Autodesk Revit is implemented.
3 November,2020
Example 2. Transient heat transfer in fire resistance analysis
Heat transfer analysis is a very important part in determining the fire resistance of a structure.
24 September,2020
SAPFIR: Step by step guide
Step-by-step guide that describes the full cycle of building design, namely creation of architectural model, its conversion into an analytical model, analysis and design, issuance of design documentat...
21 September,2020

New Features

SAPFIR 2020 R3
The following items and options are updated: import SAF, generation of PRB, generation of punching shear contours, 'Large panel buildings' module, 'SAPFIR-GENERATOR' module
24 December,2020
LIRA-SAPR 2020R3 is available. The following options and features are updated: SP 63.13330.2018, SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011, TKP EN 1992-1-1-2009, SP 16.13330.2017, SP RK EN 1990:2020+А1:2005/201...
24 December,2020
ESPRI 2020 R1
New modules in the 'Foundations and beddings' chapter, added options in modules of the 'Static and dynalic analyses, stability' chapter, modifications in other modules
10 December,2020

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