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Latest Blog Posts

Двусторонняя интеграция с Autodesk Revit
В рамках концепции информационного моделирования зданий (BIM) реализована двусторонняя интеграция ПК ЛИРА-САПР 2018 с Autodesk Revit
3 March,2018
Generation of thermal loads on elements of design model according to computed temperatures
In LIRA-SAPR 2019 there is a new option to simulate the steady and transient heat transfer process.
27 January,2021
Two-way integration with Autodesk Revit
Within the framework of building information modeling (BIM) concept, two-way integration of Autodesk Revit - LIRA-FEM - Autodesk Revit is implemented.
3 November,2020

New Features

LIRA-SAPR 2022 R2 Update 3
Dynamic masses, option to copy properties, assemblage stages, composite structures (steel & reinforced concrete), soil cushion (constructed soil), fire resistance analysis, piles, load...
8 January,2024
SAPFIR 2022 R2 Update 3
Tekla Structures, Revit, import/export *.ifc, option to copy storeys, punching shear contours, volume of concrete, filling in thw opening, reinforcement, nodes, library, triangulation, grid lines
8 January,2024
LIRA-SAPR 2022 R2 Update 2
DCF, crane loads, tables, stiffness refinement, coupled DOF, soil properties, Report Book, surface load, super-elements, initial imperfections, modulus of dynamics 61, interface settings, step-type no...
28 June,2023