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for Non-Commercial * Use  LIRA-SAPR 2016 R5 

Structural Software distributed free of charge
No hardware protection key
No limitation on number of nodes and elements


Non-commercial version LIRA-SAPR 2016 R5

corresponds to Standard plus configuration of the structural analysis software with super-elements, complete dynamic analysis, strength analysis of the sections, additional special solvers and graphic modules ASSEMBLAGE, KM-SAPR, SOIL, Design of RC structures, METEOR (problem integration) within the bounds of LIRA-SAPR 2016 options.

Bundle configuration

Standard plus

  • Super-elements
  • SOIL
  • Design of RC structures

Available options

  • analyse problems of any size with no limitation, with many load cases (up to 999) and use super-elements during model generation;
  • carry out analysis with account of physical noninearity - the 'NL Engineering' mode;
  • select sections and design them according to building codes supported by LIRA-SAPR 2016;
  • generate (automatically) working drawings for RC structures for monolithic floor slabs, unify reinforcement in slabs;
  • generate documentation with the Report Book. Elements of the Report Book may be presented as a single *.docx file and then printed;
  • preview any design models generated and analysed in commercial versions;
  • get complete access to Help system and Tutorial.
Available options

hardware protection key


limitations on number of nodes and elements

up to 999

load cases

In comparison with  LIRA-SAPR 2013* , greatly enhanced options for model generation, analysis, design procedure and preparing documentation:

  • integration with STARK-ES and Tekla Structures;
  • new options in Ribbon User Interface (Ribbon RC, Ribbon Steel, Ribbon Plus);
  • work with several DCF and DCL tables within the same problem;
  • METEOR (model variation) system. Option to integrate problems with the same topology (nodal coordinates, FE model, geometry of sections);
  • option to define FE of pile with account of neighbouring soil layers. Analysis of piled foundation;
  • enhanced analysis as well as options of graphical visualization for output data.
  • enhanced options in design modules:
    • analysis of reinforcement for RC structures according to DBN B.2.6-163:2010, Eurocode 2. Base variant, analysis of slabs according to Eurocode 2 by Wood method, option to define punching shear contours directly on FE model;
    • for steel structures - analysis of support and intermediate joints of rectangular pipes according to SP 16.13330.2011; analysis of parametric truss joints from pipe (circle section) elements according to SP 16.13330.2011; analysis of beam-to-column connections on high strength bolts; new mode for analysis of steel structures - 'Corrosion'.
  • documentation system Report Book (interactive screen copies of design model, updatable tables of output data for FEA and analysis of RC structures, the Report Book may be generated as *.docx file).

Enhanced options of preprocessor  SAPFIR-Structures 

In comparison with previous non-commercial version, SAPFIR-Structures 2016 contains new options:

  • to assign design parameters for analysis of reinforcement in VISOR-SAPR module;
  • to edit load cases and table of input data DCF, DCL;
  • to define earthquake load case;
  • to generate detailed analytical model of the staircase;
  • to define and edit additional points and lines for triangulation in slab;
  • to define piles - vertical bars of the specified cross-section;
  • to save the *.spf file for previous versions of the program.

You can found more details about all the features of the Non-commercial version of LIRA-SAPR 2016* in comparison with the previous Non-commercial version of LIRA-SAPR 2013*:

* Terms and conditions

LIRA-SAPR 2016 R5 licence is restricted to non-commercial purposes. Commercial use of this licence is strictly prohibited. Non-Commercial Licence grants you no rights to obtain Technical Support for the Software or any discount when you upgrade to other versions of the Software. LIRA-SAPR 2016 R5 licence may be installed on any number of computers.

Free Structural Design Software Demo

METEOR (Method of unified complete result) Enhanced options for MODEL VARIATION system. New system that enables the user to merge problems with the same topology - nodal coordinates, FE model, geometry of sections. Problems may differ in load cases, stiffness and boundary conditions. The merged problem will contain topology, stiffness, design options of the basic problem and analysis results of all problems. For such merged problem the user will define and calculate unified DCF. Design procedure is carried out according to these DCF by specified design options.

PC LIRA-SAPR 2016 version propose complex solutions to the question of pile foundation modelling. In this video tutorial, we will look at one of the possible options of the chain process of creating an adequately calculated model as well as method of the calculation and its adjustment. Quite often, there occurs the situation after the calculation when we have to perform adjustment of piles configuration, change their quantity, spacing, and stiffness characteristics. Let`s suppose, that for given model according to the results of calculation we have to consider another variant of pile foundation solution.

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