Nonlinear behaviour of soil

Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 11:15:20
  • Account of the max soil resistance for the nonlinear behaviour of elastic base for bars and plates.

    Previously, the nonlinear behaviour of the elastic base for bars and plates meant only that C1/C2 was ignored in uplifting (one-sided behaviour). Now, in addition to the one-way behaviour, it is also possible to define an max soil resistance in compression. That is, now there are two variants of behaviour for the elastic base:

    • one-way behaviour and no limitation on max resistance of soil;
    • one-way behaviour and limitation on the max compressive resistance of the soil.
  • New option to get the max design resistance from the calculation in the SOIL system.


The max resistance of soil should be a negative value. If no data are available or the value is greater than or equal to zero, it is considered that the max soil resistance is not specified.

Nonlinear behaviour of the soil in compression

Nonlinear behaviour of the soil in compression