Design options

Last updated: Jan 05, 2024 16:36:50

The LIRA-CAD module implements an effective mechanism for managing design options. The new LIRA-CAD functionality allows you to create and modify design options and customise their parameters. Alternative design options allow for quickly obtaining the analysis results for reinforcement and sections according to different building codes. For each selected building code, structural elements automatically receive material properties corresponding to these documents.

Certain types of analysis (by DCF, by DCL, or by forces) may be assigned to every design option. The corresponding building code may be defined for any analysis (reinforced concrete, steel, or masonry reinforcing). Accordingly, the material properties specified for each of the selected building codes will be applied.

In addition, it is possible to create several design options according to one building code, with different types of analysis for sections (by DCF, DCL, or forces). These options may be selected in the dialog box and displayed in the table with design options.

The new approach of working with design options exactly corresponds to the logic of structural analysis software VISOR module. The input data required to carry out the strength analysis may be defined in more detail. 

Design options dialog box

"Design options" dialog box