Reinforced concrete design software Design of RC structures

Design of RC structures design software enables the user to design and obtain working drawings of reinforcement, specification of reinforcement, bill of materials and list of elements for floor slabs, diaphragms, columns and beams.

  • Design procedure is carried out in interactive mode with graphic methods based on analysis results of reinforcement presented as contour/mosaic plots for area of reinforcement.
  • Main reinforcement as well as patterns for additional reinforcement is denoted together with parameters of rebars, their location and notes, anchorage and overexpenditure due to overlap.

Design of RC structures

Reinforced concrete design software screenshots

Reinforcement of floor slabs and columns.

Analysis results of reinforcement are imported from structural analysis software. Reinforced concrete design software presents contour and mosaic plots of reinforcement as a background for the floor slab under consideration. It is also possible to define settings for result presentation palette and select principal reinforcement. In this case contour plots of reinforcement are modified automatically. On the background of these contour plots the user will arrange zones of additional reinforcement.

In this design software the user could obtain mosaic plot of underreinforced zones in slab. When additional reinforcement is modified graphically, mosaic plot of underreinforced zones is also modified.

Schedule of Reinforcement

The user could unify items in the schedule of reinforcement. In this case, the program provides data about overexpenditure of reinforcement for such unification.

Sheets of drawings (reinforcement patterns) are generated automatically. It is also possible to present on the sheet the following items: schedule of reinforcement, list of components, bill of materials.

Design of RC structures module is completely integrated with LIRA-CAD software. To determine reinforcement for a certain slab, just click one button.

Reinforced concrete design software drawing

Drawing of column reinforcement, diaphragm reinforcement, shear wall reinforcement, reinforcement for foundation slab.