Filter for object visibility

Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 11:17:02

In LIRA-CAD module version 2024, there is enhanced management of visibility in elements of the building information model by object type.

The Filter for Object Visibility allows you to easily modify the parameters of the view that are relevant to visualization, as well as the composition of visible objects by type.
Object types are presented in a hierarchical tree, taking account of their subtypes.

The dialog box now includes a large set of object types. The dialog box is not modal, resizable and has an auto-refresh option.

This dialog box is dynamically updated and shows a group of elements specific to the current view. As a result, only element types and subtypes that are present in the current view of the model will be displayed in the list. The state of each type (visible or invisible) is indicated with a "light bulb" icon. Use the mouse pointer to activate the "light bulbs"; then the picture in the graphical window will be changed right away: elements of the appropriate type are either shown on the screen or become invisible.

You can now select which objects should be visible as well as display them based on certain criteria for more flexible display configuration. Use the settings for the object filter to select the required criterion; objects that fulfil this criterion will be displayed. For example, if you select the criterion for columns with a cross-section of 400x400 mm, then only columns of this size will be displayed in the model.

In the new version, this dialog box allows you not only to filter objects, but also to select items with the CTRL and SHIFT keys.

Additional options to display the local axes for walls, columns and beams are available in the Meshed Model mode.

Filter for object visibility

Filter for object visibility
Filter for object visibility