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Architectural and structural engineering analysis & design. Design documentation. European and other international design standards.
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Программы для расчета и проектирования конструкций

Latest News

24 Feb, 2023

How to work with *.ifc file in LIRA-SAPR software
LIRALAND Group invites you to participate in the webinar that will take place on March 14, 2023 (Online).

23 Feb, 2023

In addition to new features and options, LIRA-SAPR 2022 R2 includes all modifications made in the previous service packs for the first release.

17 Feb, 2023

Workshop: LIRA-SAPR on Eurocodes
The training course is devoted to the calculation of load-bearing building structures in the LIRA-SAPR according to the norms of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on Eurocodes (SP RK EN (set of...

14 Feb, 2023

Specially for engineers from Turkey: a free six-month license
We would like to use this occasion to express our deepest sympathies for this terrible tragedy to the Turkish and Syrian people.

7 Feb, 2023

Cooperation agreement with KNUCA
The LIRALAND Group promotes the improvement of the qualifications of employees and the training of scientific personnel, including the education of students, post-graduate students, and the internship...

4 Jan, 2023

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2022 R1
Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2022 R1 is released. The following items are updated: Slab contours, axes, *. ifc, Autodesk Revit, load collection, special load, intersections, steel table, pile array, levels,...

19 Dec, 2022

LIRA-SAPR 2022 Demo
LIRA-SAPR 2022 Demo version is available. This version is prepared on the basis of LIRA-SAPR 2022 R1.

21 Nov, 2022

New features and options in LIRA-SAPR 2022

16 May, 2022

Precast Day III
The BIM platform company and LIRALAND Group invite you to participate in the third Precast Day Conference that will take place on May 25, 2022 (Online).

21 Apr, 2022

Update 3 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R2
Update 3 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R2 is released. The following items are updated: Building codes for Republic of Kazakhstan, SP RK 2.03-30-2017, SP RK EN 1998-1:2004/2012, NTP RK 08-01.1-2021, SN KR 20-02:...

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The program provides easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), modelling wizards, comprehensive material libraries, extensive finite element libraries, isotropic and orthotropic material models, direct / eigen / iterative / step-type solvers. It also contains advanced context-sensitive help system and tutorial with a set of step-by-step examples.

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