Reinforcement colour palette

Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 11:17:02
  • When the main and additional reinforcement are placed in slabs and walls, it is very convenient to use the "Reinforcement Palette" option. However, previously only one standard set with settings was available for this tool. The updated version of the software offers three separate types of "Reinforcement Palettes" specifically for:

    • foundation slabs and floor slabs;
    • walls;
    • 3D visualization of the reinforcement in the whole building model.
How to set the reinforcement palette for the 3D view of the slab and wall
  • In the new version of the program, there are more options to display in colour the elements for which the design procedure was carried out. In such a way, it is possible not only to evaluate the model but also to generate working drawings, such as:
    • plan of the framework elements;
    • sectional views;
    • 3D views;
    • legends of column reinforcement;
    • legends of pile reinforcement.