IFC improvements

Last updated: Jan 05, 2024 16:28:19

A major improvement that offers more precise and adaptable parameter settings when importing IFC files is included in the latest release. As a result, users now have the ability to establish more detailed relationships between parameters of an IFC object and parameters of objects in the LIRA-CAD module. Each particular kind of object can have this customization applied; it helps with more precise and customized data import.

The following key changes and improvements should be noted:

  • Parameters of IFC objects: Now, when importing an IFC file, users can customize parameters of the IFC objects so that they correspond to parameters of objects in the LIRA-CAD module. This makes it possible for the two systems to match data more precisely and facilitates a quicker import procedure.

  • Matching for materials and cross-sections: A new option to match materials and cross-sections in elements is added for more in-depth modelling and evaluation. When importing data from IFC, this helps the user determine the element properties more precisely.

  • Assign properties to structural elements: Now you can assign properties to structural elements. Then, such elements are imported to LIRA-CAD either with all properties or with selected ones. This makes it possible to fill the model with the necessary information in LIRA-CAD module.

Import IFC with parameter settings
  • Filters for objects: New functionality enables the user to filter objects based on the parameters used in IFC objects. This makes it easier to find objects that have a certain set of parameters.

  • Export of elements with built-up sections: This feature expands the possibilities for platform and system integration by enabling the export of elements with built-up sections to IFC.

Export IFC: built-up sections
  • Check the model after import: When the building information model is imported and the frame structure is created, a check for possible errors is made for the entire model. The inaccuracies are subsequently corrected in an automated procedure.

These updates make working with IFC files much more accurate and flexible. They also make it easier to integrate IFC with the LIRA-CAD module, which in turn helps to design building structures more precisely and efficiently.