LIRA-SAPR  software
for solutions of various tasks in different areas

The development of software packages has been going on for more than 50 years. Over these years we have accumulated invaluable experience in creating programs in the field of design and analysis of building structures for various tasks, areas of application and standards.

Areas of application

Every industry faces unique, ever-changing challenges. The LIRALAND Group uses its experience to ensure that you can easily and smoothly perform analysis in any area of construction.

Области применения
Решаемые задачи


Extensive functionality for all types of problems. In addition to classical stability analysis, you can use nonlinear and dynamic analyses, perform design of joints as well as other required checks.


Here you will find an overview of the norms and standards available in the software package for the respective countries.

  • Ukrainian standards (DBN, DSTU)
  • Russian standards (SP, TSN, STO)
  • Eurocodes (EN)
  • Belarussian standards (STB, TKP)
  • American standards (ACI, AISC)
  • French standards (BAEL)

Evaluate the software

If you have any doubt, download the Demo version and evaluate the program or contact our Support Team for more details.

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