LIRA-FEM for students and teaching/training purposes

LIRA-FEM company provides the users with various options to learn the simulation of building structures: either for self-training or for teaching/training purposes in the specialized education institutions. There are several versions of the software products that may be applied in the teaching & training process.

On the chart below you will see how the work of the student may be organized. This process enables the users to minimize the time required to be spent in the classrom when using demo version & version distributed fee of charge together with Academic Set version.

Demo version of LIRA-FEM contains SAPFIR Study version. Outside the classroom and without protection key, you could generate full design model (with specified loads applied as load cases, triangilation, etc.). Problem file generated in this version may be transferred to VISOR-SAPR system of version Academic Set, then you will add parametric tables (DCF/dynamics/collection of masses) and carry out analysis. Then you could take home the saved input data (design model in *.lir format) and output data (including export of selected reinforcement for Design of RC structuresstructures), evaluate results in Demo version of LIRA-SAPR, and generate drawings of reinforcement in Design of RC structuresstructures module in Study version. That is, at home you could evaluate data, prepare output data and generate drawings of RC structures and RC structure items. Thus, time necessary to be spent in the classroom of the institution is reduced to min.

Limitations imposed on 'SAPFIR Study version'

In addition or instead of Demo version, you could use LIRA-SAPR 2016 R5* distributed free of charge. Data formats of these vesrions are compatible. That is, problems generated in 'LIRA-SAPR 2016 R5*/SAPFIR2016' may be opened in Demo version 'LIRA-SAPR 2017/SAPFIR 2017 Study version' and vice versa. But commercial version does not support these formats.

  • Access to Academic Set version in the institute is ogranized with Wi-Fi. Then, the student may take his/her laptop and connect to the network (for example, in the entrance hall or in the library reading-room of the institute), start the Academic Set version (installed separately, distribution kit may be saved to the institutes server or the teacher may provide the students with it) and carry out analysis. Then, he/she goes home, evaluates and prepares output data without the protection key of Academic Set. Thus, it is not necessary to search for vacant place and time in the classroom. Such approach ensures greater availability of LIRA-FEM program for the students.
  • Demo version LIRA-FEM enables the user to carry out analyses up to 1000 FE. It means that simple research/term papers and lab research works (2D frame, truss, etc.) may be carried out at home - in full and in the latest version of the program.