Configurations & Prices: SAPFIR-3D 2017

Prices are in Euro. Prices are valid from May 10, 2017.

SAPFIR Essential

300 ˆ

   Tools to generate and edit 3D model
   Generation of drawings from 3D model (plans, sections, etc.)
   Tools for 2D graphics, dimensions and notes
   Export/import of IFC, DXF, XML
   Generation and editing of analytical model
   Triangulation and check for mesh quality
   Automatic generation of PRB
   Tools to simulate stages of erection of the structure (ASSEMBLAGE)
   Generation of design model and export it to LIRA-SAPR


900 ˆ

   Contour and mosaic plots for zones of reinforcement
   Selection of main reinforcement, arrangement of additional reinforcement
   Specifications, unification of items
   Drawings of reinforcement, lists of components, bills of materials

Large panel buildings * new

700 ˆ

   Automatic simulation of platform joints and embedded items

Cross-section Design Toolkit * new

500 ˆ

   Stiffness parameters for mono- and multi-material sections
* Distributed with SAPFIR Essential

Price list for purchase of several licences

Price for 1 licence when you purchase several licences
2nd and 3rd licence
4th and 5th licence
6th licence - 10th licence
11th licence and the following
SAPFIR Essential
210 ˆ

180 ˆ

150 ˆ

120 ˆ

630 ˆ

540 ˆ

450 ˆ

360 ˆ

Large panel buildings
490 ˆ

420 ˆ

350 ˆ

280 ˆ

Cross-section Design Toolkit
350 ˆ

300 ˆ

250 ˆ

200 ˆ

% of price

Price list for SAPFIR-3D 2017 upgrade from

Upgrade from % of price SAPFIR Essential
Standard plus
SAPFIR-3D 2016 10%
30 ˆ
120 ˆ
SAPFIR-3D 2015 20%
60 ˆ
240 ˆ
SAPFIR-3D 2014 30%
90 ˆ
360 ˆ
SAPFIR-3D 2013 and older 40%
120 ˆ
480 ˆ

Distributed free of charge

Non-commercial version LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 may be applied in teaching & training process, for students of concerned specialities in their term papers or diploma thesis, for postgraduate students and teachers in educational institutions for their survey within the contexts of research papers or theses.