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Upskill your team with LIRALAND Academy. Here you can find information about training activities offered by LIRALAND Group Academy and its partners, as well as, more information on the development of training programmes.

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Analysis and design of structures in LIRA-FEM software.

This course will provide you with basic skills in LIRA-FEM and LIRA-CAD software. You will be able to carry out analyses of building structures.

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Design of buildings and structures using LIRA-CAD

In this course you will learn the basics of using the LIRA-CAD software. You will learn how to create model, prepare it for analysis. How to create drawings automatically and how to export them.

The industry leader of cutting-edge computer-aided design software, LIRA-FEM, offers approved training programmes for structural engineers on modelling, CAD, and the analysis of building structures. A certified trainer will take into consideration their professional expertise and knowledge when presenting courses on the fundamentals of structural analysis. So, in our training centre, you will be able to choose a level of knowledge that will be useful for both a novice engineer and an experienced specialist.

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