List of reinforcement items

Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 11:16:07

The amount of reinforcing steel is one of the key technical and financial indicators of a building project. At the stage of the architectural model, the consumption of reinforcing steel may be obtained (in detail) in LIRA-CAD module version 2024

The Total list of reinforcement command is available on the View tab, on the Information panel, see the Schedule menu.

When you activate this command, the Total list of reinforcement dialog box is displayed. In tabular form, you will see the consumption of reinforcement presented in detail by rebar diameter and concrete volume.

The geometric properties of the structure (the length, height, thickness, and section dimensions) are taken into account when calculating the actual amount of concrete. It also takes into account situations where element models overlap, for example, beams in a floor slab (the volume of the part of the beam immersed in the slab is automatically subtracted from the volume of the slab). 

The quantity of reinforcement in a structure can be represented by weight or length (in tonnes or in r.m.). 

The most accurate information about the consumption of reinforcement may be obtained based on the following data:

  • strength analysis and selected theoretical reinforcement;
  • reinforcement model created in LIRA-CAD (RC) module:
    • for bars, according to types of reinforcement (TR);
    • according to the type of pilot reinforcement (PR type).

Total list of reinforcement (dialog box)

The "Total list of reinforcement" dialog box

In the "Total list of reinforcement" dialog box, it is possible to filter the items in the list by layers, storeys, objects or highlighted rows.

Total list of reinforcement - Filters

Total list of reinforcement - Filters