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High-quality engineering software products for civil and structural engineers

Company Profile

LIRALAND Group is the technology leader in innovative software solutions for structural analysis & design.

We provide the engineers with the open platform to generate advanced technology for analysis and design. The technology is based on information modelling that provides a number of advantages at all stages of the life cycle of the building structures in any field whether it is objects of transport infrastructure, energy, agriculture, industrial and civil structures.

Our company has professional and highly qualified staff - structural engineers, software developers and researchers. There are also 12 scientists who solve advanced problems to determine the stress-strain state of structures in different stages of life cycle.


The origins of our company begin more than six decades ago in the early days of finite element analysis technology. In the 1960s a group of research workers in Kiev began work on development of software products that will meet the demands of the civil and structural engineer. This team was lead by Alexander Gorodetsky.

Board Members

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Alexander Gorodetsky

Company Founder, Director for Science and Technology, Managing Partner
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Maria Barabash

Director, Managing Partner
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Alexey Zhuravlev

Technical Director
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Pavel Frantov

Sales & Marketing, Managing Partner
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Dmitry Medvedenko

Project supervisor - VISOR-SAPR module, Managing Partner
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Yury Genzersky

Project supervisor - Analysis & Design of RC Structures, Managing Partner
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Dmitry Gorodetsky

Project supervisor - High Technology Innovations, Managing Partner
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Vitaly Bojchenko

Project supervisor - SAPFIR-3D module
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Vitaly Bogovis

Project supervisor - Product Release, Managing Partner
Our company is evolving in a dynamic way: constantly expanding functionality of the program, high-technology innovations, enhanced design modules, support of new building codes, integration with other software.
Alexandr Gorodetsky

Key activities

  • Development of the software for information technologies in analysis and design of building structures.
  • Development of BIM technology.
  • Regulatory activities: we participate in development of normative documents in construction (building codes, etc.).
  • We help structural engineers to develop their competence in computer technologies: training courses, manuals, seminars and scientific conferences.
  • Methodological support to institutions of higher education (and their students).

Group of companies


Development, implementation and support of software products, direct sales.


Development and support of software products, distribution. Training activities, professional certification of users.

LIRA Project Ltd.

Design office. Technical support, analysis and design of projects of various complexity.

We do our best to meet the requirements of our customers and provide a high level of service.

Business association

We participate and actively cooperate with the leading communities in the construction and IT industry. Membership in associations enables us to enhance our professional growth and to improve the quality of service provided to our clients. Participation in an integrated information space for the exchange of experience among the industry professionals contributes to the effective achievement of the company's goals. We do our best to meet the requirements of our customers and provide a high level of service.