Data for earthquake analysis

Last updated: Jan 26, 2024 11:08:22
  • A new option to assign the damping ratio to individual elements of the model for each dynamic load case. These damping ratios are used in earthquake analysis for real one-component accelerogram (27), real three-component accelerogram (29), response-spectrum (41), three-component response-spectrum (64) to account for damping.

  • In earthquake analysis by a real one-component accelerogram (27) and a real three-component accelerogram (29), it is now possible to define the maximum calculated damping ratio.

  • New option to correct the spectrum according to the damping ratio computed in earthquake analysis by the response spectrum (41) and the three-component response spectrum (64). 


When the spectrum is corrected according to the computed damping ratio, the user-defined response spectrum is generated for a damping ratio 0.05 (5%).

  • When the data for earthquake analysis is defined according to AzDTN 2.3-1 2010 with amendments of Jan 01, 2014 (Azerbaijan - module 50), it is now possible to define the coefficient of nonlinear deformation of soil Kq.