Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

BUILDING module - program for analysis and design of multi-storey skeleton-type structures from monolithic reinforced concrete and structures with brick walls as well.

Model of the structure is generated from structural elements: columns, beams, walls, partitions, floor slabs, mat foundations and piles.

Service options (such as to create additional grids on the plan, move and rotate the origin, copy, move, rotate, delete, edit properties of one or group of structural elements, copy storeys) reduce time necessary for model generation and enable you to design the model in several variants.

Vertical loads are defined as distributed across the whole area or across part of the slab and as distributed along the line and concentrated forces. Horizontal loads are defined either at the floor slab level as linearly distributed and concentrated forces, or perpendicularly to the plane of walls as forces distributed non-uniformly across the area. Dead weight of structural elements is considered automatically. To consider wind and earthquake loads, it is necessary to define region of construction and direction of load.

Preliminary analysis and FEA are performed. During FEA, FE model is generated automatically, static and dynamic analyses are performed. As a result, the following parameters are determined: displacements at nodes, forces and stresses in finite elements, total loads on walls and columns for the specified load cases, table for frequencies and periods of vibrations. Animation of natural vibrations provides additional data for evaluation of the model.

By results of every analysis, sections of structural elements are preliminary checked, then the program generates bill of materials with price for the structure.

It is possible to evaluate model of the structure and find out optimal design solutions.

The data could be exported to the following design modules: BEAM, COLUMN, FOOTING, SLAB, ELEVATION, BRICK.

It is also possible to export model to LIRA-SAPR program. Data about loads on footings may be exported to DEF-PC program.