Free education versions
for Academic Users

For any kind of schools and non-commercial educational institutions, we provide various options to use our structural analysis programs for teaching & training purposes.

Structural Analysis Software for Education Purposes

Academic Set is a set of licensed software packages of LIRA family products (LIRA-SAPR, MONOMAKH-SAPR, ESPRI, LIRA-CAD) intended for noncommercial use only.

Target audience for Academic Set

This set of programs is intended for any higher education institutions in such branches as architecture, civil and structural engineering. With this set of programs you could enable the students to obtain practical training sessions with licensed software products that they will use in their future professional life.

To purchase version Academic Set for higher education institution, organization should provide a documented proof as to the status of higher education institution. Academic Set may be in use for teaching / training purposes only within this organization. Commercial use of this product is strictly prohibited.

With Academic Set you will obtain **

Net licence for 10 workstations + 1 local licence for the teacher:

** Product specification and package contents may differ from those presented on the website

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