LIRA-FEM Demo version

Evaluate the software for analysis, design and simulation of life cycle stages for building structures.


LIRA-FEM 2024 Demo version provides you with access to all elements of user interface, you could get familiar with new modes of the program, generate (with no serious limitations) design models for buildings and structures of various purpose. But options to save and analyse the model are available only for problems that are not beyond limitations imposed on demo version.

In Demo version LIRA-FEM 2024 you could get familiar with the process of preparing documentation (analysis results) and generating updatable Report Books. Demo version also contains complete Help system for the program and updated Tutorial with step-by-step instructions explaining every aspect of the procedure.

LIRA-FEM 2024 Demo also contains study version of LIRA-CAD 2024 with the following modules: SAPFIR-Structures, Design of RC structures, Large panel buildings, Masonry structures, Composite RC & steel structures, Cross-section Design Toolkit. All these modules are presented with min limitations.


New Features

Types of analysis available in Demo version

  • static analysis Ц on all types of loads; 
  • dynamic analysis Ц modal analysis of structure (mode shapes and frequencies of natural vibrations);
  • stability analysis of structure;
  • computing principal and equivalent stresses by different criteria of rupture;
  • computing DCF (design combinations of forces);
  • computing DCL (design combinations of loads);
  • computing loads on fragment;
  • computing settlements and moduli of subgrade reaction (SOIL system);
  • demo analysis of RC sections (predefined classes of concrete and reinforcement), steel sections (predefined steel) and masonry reinforced structures (with predefined properties of brickwork and mesh reinforcement).
Acceptable calculations

Limitations imposed on problems in Demo version

Types of stiffness: standard (rectangular bar and ring), any steel ones, and stiffnesses defined with numerical description

up to 1000

number of nodes in design model

up to 1000

number of elements in design model

up to 4-х

number of load cases

Universal Viewer

Demo version may be used as universal viewer for problems analysed in certified complete versions of LIRA-SAPR. In DEMO version you could evaluate and generate output data for any previously analysed problems of any complexity.

universal viewer