New types of perfectly rigid body (PRB)

Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 11:09:16
  • New types of perfectly rigid bodies (PRBs) are added along the directions for degrees of freedom (DOF) in the system: 

    • All degrees of freedom;
    • X, Y, Z, UX, UY, UZ;
    • Z, UX, UY; 
    • Y, UX, UZ;
    • X, UY, UZ; 
    • X, Y, UZ; 
    • X, Z, UY; 
    • Y, Z, UX; 
    • X, Y, UX, UY, UZ; 
    • X, Z, UX, UY, UZ; 
    • Y, Z, UX, UY, UZ.


Before the LIRA-FEM 2024 R1 version of the structural analysis program, the PRB was only of type 1, "All degrees of freedom". This indicated that the slave and master nodes were connected by the same warping values (model type 6), with the exception of the kinematic restraints between X, Y, Z, UX, UY, and UZ.

Types of PRB

Types of PRB