Steel structures design software

LIRA-FEM is suitable for steel design. The software includes selection and checking of steel sections and various steel joints.

Areas of Application

Steel structures design

Results of steel design
Results of steel design

Steel structures design in LIRA-FEM is performed according to the following procedure:

  • The material parameters, the design characteristics of the element and the selection limitation are specified;
  • Design parameters such as normative document, according to which to perform the analysis; which forces to take for analysis analysis: DCF or DCL;
  • Checking the specified cross-section and selecting the required cross-section.

Checking and selection of steel sections can be performed for all elements of the model or for one specific element in the local mode of steel structures (STC-FEM).

List of standards implemented in the steel structure design software

  • DBN V.2.6-163:2014 (Ukraine)
  • EUROCODE 3.1.1 EN 1993-1-1:2005/AC:2009 (EU)
  • SP RK EN 1993-1-2:2005/2011 (Kazakhstan)
  • AISC LRFD 2nd edition (USA)
  • SNiP II.23-81* (USSR)
  • SP 16.13330.2017/SP 260.1325800.2016 (RF)



STC-FEM allows to check and select steel section of one element separately from the whole design scheme.

This module also allows the steel nodes design: column bases, beam-to-column joints, truss nodes, etc.

Editable steel tables
Editable steel tables

The editable steel tables in the steel structure design software allows you to create, change or delete assortments of steel sections or steel grades. This functionality allows to use the software package for steel structures design in a more flexible way.


Metal structures design

Selection of cross-section for metal elements and check of defined sections and joints according to different building codes. It is included in all standard configurations of LIRA-FEM.


Local design of steel elements and joints

It is included in all standard configurations of LIRA-FEM.


Editable steel tables

Creation of new and editing of existing assortments of rolled and welded sections. It is included in all standard configurations of LIRA-FEM.

LIRA-FEM users' projects

Indoor ice rink

Indoor ice rink

he structure represents steel membrane with span 200m in longitudinal direction and span 110m in transverse direction, thickness 4mm.

more details about the project
Расчетная схема сетчатой оболочки

Steel single layer lattice shell

World's largest translucent structure without exterior walls. Area of roof from the steel framework and glass triangles - 8.7 thousand square metres.

more details about the project

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