Beam analysis software

LIRA-FEM is suitable for beam analysis. The software implements linear and non-linear analysis of beams.


Beam analysis

Балочная система в САПФИР
Beam system in SAPFIR

LIRA-FEM is a software for analysis of various structures of buildings, including beams. The software implements both linear and non-linear analysis of beams. The results of the beam analysis are the following forces: longitudinal force N, shear force Q and bending moment M in all directions (depending on the model type).


Linear processor

Static analysis, FE library, complete dynamic analysis, floor (nodal) response spectrum, seismic, wind pulsation, super-elements. This is included in all default configurations of LIRA-FEM software.


Nonlinear processor

Engineering nonlinearity, physical nonlinearity, structural nonlinearity, geometric nonlinearity, pushover analysis.

Эпюра My в элементах балочной клетки

My diagram in the elements of beam system

In LIRA-FEM it is possible to perform steel and RC beam design. Software will calculate the forces and perform a section check and selection (for steel beams), or a check of the specified reinforcement or selection of theoretical reinforcement (for reinforced concrete beams).


The analysis of reinforced concrete structure

Analysis of reinforcement (cross-section areas) according to different building codes. ARM-SAPR is available in all standard configurations of LIRA-FEM.


The analysis of metal structures

Selection of cross-section for metal elements and check of defined sections and joints according to different building codes. Available in all standard configurations of LIRA-FEM.

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