Indoor ice rink

Design model:  'KurortProekt', Moscow
Architect:  N.V.Kancheli

Analysis of membrane roof with account of erection sequence 

The structure represents steel membrane with span 200m in longitudinal direction and span 110m in transverse direction, thickness 4mm. Support contour is the steel box 1200x2000mm filled with reinforced concrete. Contour is supported with vertical hinge posts from pipes of diameter 426mm and thickness 32mm. Invariability in longitudinal direction is provided with two trusses. In transverse direction with two portal braces. The erection process was simulated with the following stages:

1st stage: Vertical elements, board (i.e. support contour of shell), edge of shell, bracings are assembled.
2nd stage: Transverse cushion (lower part of roof) is assembled. 
3rd stage: Concrete is placed to the side at the 1st and the 2nd layers in zone I.
4th stage: Longitudinal cushion (lower part of roof) is assembled. 
5th stage: Concrete is placed to the side, the rest parts.
6th stage: Membrane elements are assembled. 
7th stage: Ropes are assembled and prestressed. It is simulated with special FE  turnbuckle. 
8th stage: Temporary knee braces are disassembled. 
9th stage: Load from roof structure (0.06 t/m2). 
10th stage: Snow load at half of roof area (0.216 t/m2). 
11th stage: Wind load along the Y-axis distributed nonuniformly across the roof. 

All stages of assemblage (erection) were computed with physically and geometrically nonlinear finite elements.   



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