Masonry design software

LIRA-FEM is ideally suited for the masonry design. The program implements both selection of theoretical reinforcement and check of specified reinforcement.

Areas of Application

The analysis of masonry structures

Setting the initial data for the analysis of reinforced masonry constructions
Setting the initial data for the masonry structures design

The analysis of masonry structures in LIRA-FEM is performed by such procedure:

  • The following material parameters are set: parameters of masonry; parameters of reinforcement; characteristics of exterior strengthening in piers;
  • The following parameters of the analysis are set: a building code, by which the analysis is performed; which effort is taken for the analysis (DCF or DCL);
  • Reinforcement selection analysis.

It is possible to set different types of masonry structures in one project as well as different types of stones, bricks, cinder blocks, shell stones, tuffs, and others.

The list of implemented regulations

  • DBN B.2.6-162 (Ukraine)
  • SNiP II-22-81 (USSR)
  • SP 15.13330.2012 (RF)

Number of masonry mosaic lines for grid installation

Mosaic plot for number of masonry courses for arrangement of mesh reinforcement

The results of the masonry structures analysis are the safety factors, the number of masonry courses to be reinforced, and the required reinforcement with meshes or bars.


Masonry structures

generates 3D model of multi-storey building from masonry structures with account of RC embedments (bond, core). Carries out analysis and selects mesh reinforcement for masonry.

LIRA-FEM user's projects

The analysis of the building frame made of monolithic reinforced concrete and its main load-bearing elements

The residential building with built-in underground parking

The building, with a complex shape in plan, has 5 ground floors and two underground floors. The building is located on the slope of the designed relief, actively used in its architectural and spatial composition.

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