Steel structures joints

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

At the moment, next types of joints have been developed:

  • Column bases,
  • Beam to column pinned and fixed joints,
  • Beam splice,
  • Beam connection,
  • Column splice,
  • Sway bracings,
  • Rigid connections of beams and rigid connections beam to column.

The joint is a analytical model consisting of a certain number of parameters, which are selected or checked in compliance with the current construction norms and regulations of SNiP II-23-81*, SP 16.13330.2017, DBN B.2.6-198-2014, LFRD 20nd edition (AISC) and Eurocode EN 1993-1-1:2005/AC:2009.

Each analysis has a trace, which allows you to view the used formulas and algorithmic conditions in symbolic and numeric form during the analysis.

Joints analysis are performed in STC-SAPR (steel structure analysis in LIRA-FEM program) and in ESPRI. Joint prototype with selected and checked parameters can be imported in KM-SAPR, where its 3D model with all necessary drawings will be created.

In the latest versions of VISOR-SAPR it is possible to design complex component joints from any number of simple connections (this option is not included in ESPRI).

  • Analysis of truss joints made from pipes is available after version 2014;
  • Analysis of support and intermediate truss joints made from rectangular pipes according to SP 16.13330.2011 is available after version 2016;
  • Analysis of fixed column bases with different location of anchor bolts and traverse is available after version 2017.

Trusses joints



Rectangular tube-section

Beam-to-column joints



Beam-to-beam joints

Beam splice

Beam connection

Column-to-column joints

Column splice

Column bases


I-section column

Rectangular box column


I-section column

Sway bracings


Rigid connections

Beam-to-beam joint

Beam-to-column connections