Bridge analysis software

LIRA-FEM is suitable for bridge analysis. In LIRA-FEM it is possible to model and perform analysis of bridge structures

Areas of Application

The bridges analysis

The model of bridge in SAPFIR-Generator
The bridge model in SAPFIR

LIRA-FEM software has a wide functionality for dealing with a huge number of tasks, including the analysis and design of different bridge structures. The models of bridges can be created by finite elements in LIRA-FEM, or with the help of module SAPFIR-Generator.

The movable load in SAPFIR

Moving loads in SAPFIR

In LIRA-FEM software with the help of SAPFIR preprocessor there is the ability of moving load modelling. You can choose a transport facility (TF) in the program library, or create any user-defined TF and the rule of its movement in the new library.

Aleksei Kozlov. The analysis of flyby bridge in LIRA-FEM software for beginners (in russian)
Aleksei Kozlov. Total and local sustainability of bridge beam (in russian)

LIRA-FEM user's projects in the field of "Bridges"

Image Description

The railway bridge over the Karacum river

The railway bridge span is 110 m, with welded elements of closed sections and mounting joints on high-tensile bearing-type bolts. The main span structure trusses are 15 m high. The distance between the axes of the main trusses across the bridge is 5,8 m.

more details about the project
Image Description

The analysis of pedestrian bridge

The analysis and design of pedestrian bridge constructions of the Houses of Justice in Tbilisi.

more details about the project

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