Truss analysis software

LIRA-FEM is suitable for truss analysis. The software implements linear and non-linear analysis of trusses.


Truss analysis

3D model of truss
3D model of truss

LIRA-FEM is a software for analysis of various structures of buildings, including trusses. The software implements both linear and non-linear analysis of trusses. The results of the frame analysis are forces.


Linear processor

Static analysis, FE library, complete dynamic analysis, floor (nodal) response spectrum, seismic, wind pulsation, super-elements. This is included in all default configurations of LIRA-FEM software.


Nonlinear processor

Engineering nonlinearity, physical nonlinearity, structural nonlinearity, geometric nonlinearity, pushover analysis.

Result of steel design

Result of steel design

Steel and reinforced concrete truss analysis can be performed in LIRA-FEM. The software will calculate the forces and carry out check and selection of the cross-section (for steel trusses), or check the specified reinforcement or selection of theoretical reinforcement (for reinforced concrete trusses).


The analysis of reinforced concrete structure

Analysis of reinforcement (cross-section areas) according to different building codes. ARM-SAPR is available in all standard configurations of LIRA-FEM.


The analysis of metal structures

Selection of cross-section for metal elements and check of defined sections and joints according to different building codes. Available in all standard configurations of LIRA-FEM.

Evaluate the software

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