Masonry and masonry reinforcing structures

Analysis of reinforced masonry structures in LIRA-FEM program supports the following building codes: SP 15.13330.2012, SNIP II-22-81 and DBN B.2.6-162.

New ribbon tab: Masonry

The model is generated in graphic environment VISOR-SAPR or in preprocessors SAPFIR-Structures. The user assigns horizontal levels in structural model (at the elevation of min section of pier, at elevation where floor slabs are supported, etc.), the strength of masonry is checked at these levels. When forces are computed by the solver, combined 3D behaviour of load-bearing brick and reinforced concrete elements of the building is considered. Required number of mesh reinforcement as well as rebars of vertical reinforcement is determined. It is possible to analyse several variants for different division of wall segments in different design options defined by the user.

Input data and output data in Masonry Structures module

Materials are prepared and defined for design model in a similar way to the input data for analysis of steel and RC structures. Materials for analysis of masonry structures contain three components: properties of masonry, properties of reinforcement, and parameters of exterior strengthening of piers.

Dialog box to define materials for analysis of masonry structures

Loads on brick piers are generated according to results of static and dynamic analyses. Loads on piers are presented both for separate load cases and for their combinations. Loads on piers may be presented as mosaic plots or as vectors applied at gravity centres of every pier.

Loads on piers presented as mosaic plots

Loads on piers (in masonry structures) presented as vectors

Output data for mesh reinforcement contains mosaic plot for number of masonry courses in which reinforcement should be placed, mosaic plot for required diameters of meshes and appropriate percentage of reinforcement in masonry.

Mosaic plot for safety factors

Mosaic plot for number of masonry courses for arrangement of mesh reinforcement

If vertical rebars or combination from mesh reinforcement and rebars were assigned in analysis, then output data will contain mosaic plots for required number of rebars and their diameters as well as appropriate percentage of reinforcement.

For every level it is possible to obtain the sketch of working drawing with number of masonry courses in which it is necessary to place reinforcement meshes.

Automatic generation of groups of brick piers

In the same project it is possible to define different types of masonry structures, different types of stone, slag stone, shell limestone, tuff, etc.