Composite (steel and RC) structures

Analysis of composite structures in LIRA-SAPR. SP 266.1325800.2016 Chapter 7 is supported: analysis of RC structures with rigid reinforcement and analysis of pipe concrete structures.
Analysis and design (sketches) of elements (beams, columns) of composite structures. Sections of rigid reinforcement are defined. Defined sections are checked and, if required, the program selects flexible reinforcement. A wide range for types of rigid reinforcement is available.

Types of sections and method for defining rigid reinforcement in the section

Effective algorithm is implemented for selection and check of composite section that consists of elements from three different materials: concrete (B30, B40, etc.); rigid reinforcement (VSt3kp, etc.); flexible reinforcement (А400, А500, etc.).

The deformation theory of reinforced concrete is realized. Analysis of composite section is carried out for all types of forces: Mx, My, Mz, N, Qy, Qz.

Output data for analysis of composite structures is presented in graphical and tabular formats, in a manner identical to analysis of RC structures.

Output data with determined reinforcement for composite structures

Elements of composite structures may be transferred to the local analysis mode for more detailed analysis and additional studies.

Local mode for analysis of composite structures