Method of unified complete result METEOR

The system enables the user to merge problems with the same topology Ц nodal coordinates, FE model, geometry of sections. Problems may differ in load cases, stiffness and boundary conditions.

The merged problem will contain topology, stiffness, design options of the basic problem and analysis results of all problems. For such merged problem the user will define and calculate unified DCF. Design procedure is carried out according to these DCF by specified design options.

Previous system MODEL VARIATION is a special case of new METEOR system.

The user generates FE model that is common for all problems.
  • 1st problem Ц analysis on dead and live loads.
  • 2nd problem Ц analysis on earthquake and widn loads with modified parameters of soil (moduli of subgrade reaction C1 and C2);
  • 3rd problem Ц analysis on predefined displacements (undermining, settlement).
Then the user merges these problems and generates one (merged) problem to obtain unified DCF for these three problems.