Analysis & design of separate reinforced concrete (RC) bar or plate element

In this mode the user could analyse and design separate RC bar or plate element according to certain building code.

Design model of an element as well as forces acting on the element may be either imported from ARM-SAPR module or defined directly by the user. Analysis of reinforcement is carried out, and then selected reinforcement is checked for the certain element.

LARM-SAPR module provides user-friendly tools to define and modify parameters of sections, data on materials, forces, DCF or DCL. Documentation system as well as context-sensitive help is available.

The following building codes are supported:

SNIP 2.03.01-84 'Concrete and reinforced concrete structures';
TSN – 100;
DSTU 3760-98;
SNIP 52-01-2003;
EuroCode 2(in full).