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LIRA-SAPR 2020 Demo

  • 16 July, 2020
LIRA-SAPR 2020 Demo

LIRA-SAPR 2020 Demo version is available. This version is prepared on the basis of LIRA-SAPR 2020 R1 with a number of modifications.

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2020 R1

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2020R1 is available. Updated options and features: fragment from SAPFIR, *.csv tables, Time History Analysis, DirectX graphics, 'Method 10%', AMD processor, fire resistance, surface loads, 6th DOF, safety factor.


  • 2 June, 2020

New features and options in LIRA-SAPR 2020

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2019 R2

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2019R2 is available. The following items are updated: moment of inertia for the fragment, fire resistance analysis, nodal reactions, accelerograms, damping, parameters for cracks, punching shear analysis, analysis of steel columns, structural block, METEOR system


  • 21 October, 2019

The second release (R2) of LIRA-SAPR 2019 is available now. It also contains Update 1 and Update 2 to LIRA-SAPR 2019 R1.

Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2019 R1

Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2019R1 is available. The following items are updated: integration with Tekla Structures and Autodesk Revit, analysis on fire resistance, LITERA, analysis of steel box sections, SP 16.13330.2017, import of text file, etc.

ESPRI 2018 R2

  • 27 June, 2019
ESPRI 2018 R2

New module in the Foundations and beddings chapter.
New options in different modules in the following chapters: Statis & dynamic analyses, stability, Foundations and beddings, Loads and actions, Timber structures.  

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2019 R1

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2019R1 is available. The following items are updated: collection of loads, analysis of reinforcement, analysis of beam with variable section, export of forces, plugin with Grasshopper, loads, soil model, staircases and design of elements in SAPFIR-RC module etc.

Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2018 R2

Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2018 R2 is presented. The following items were updated: STC-SAPR, analysis of bearing capacity of piles, earthquake analysis, Time history analysis, DCF, diagrams, integration with Autodesk Revit, option to edit slab contour in SAPFIR, export to .dxf, .dbf, mirror copy, loads, etc.


  • 17 April, 2019

The new version of structural analysis software LIRA-SAPR 2019 is available: analysis, design, simulation of the life cycle of building structures.



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