Free Structural Analysis Software

Our company introduces update to non-commercial (free of charge) version. The updated version LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 contains module SAPFIR-Structures 2015.

Free Structural Analysis Software
October 13, 2016

Structural Software distributed free of charge

Our company introduces update to non-commercial (free of charge) version - LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 (Structural Software). The updated version LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 contains module SAPFIR-Structures 2015. This module provides the user with extended set of options for 3D modelling of objects, advance algorithms for generation of design model, ribbon user interface, updated and enhanced Help system.

LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 corresponds to bundle configuration LIRA-SAPR 2013 Standard plus with the super-element mode and additional special solvers and graphic modules ASSEMBLAGE plus, KM-SAPR (only in Russian), SOIL, SAPFIR-RC.

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Options of the Structural Software

  • analyse problems of any size with no limitations, with arbitrary number of load cases and use the super-element mode;
  • carry out physically nonlinear analysis based on the NonLinear Engineering Design (NL Engineering) mode;
  • analyse and design sections with all building codes realized in LIRA-SAPR 2013;
  • automatically generate working drawings of RC structures for monolithic floor slabs;
  • preview all design models generated and analysed in commersial versions LIRA-SAPR;
  • get access to complete Help system of LIRA-SAPR program;
  • get access to Tutorial on LIRA-SAPR program.

Non-commercial version LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 may be applied in teaching & training process, for students of concerned specialities in their term papers or diploma thesis, for postgraduate students and teachers in educational institutions for their survey within the contexts of research papers or theses.

Free Structural Analysis Software LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5* licence is restricted to non-commercial purposes. You are allowed to use special bundle configuration LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 without hardware protection key. It is possible to install LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 on any number of work stations. Commercial use of this licence is strictly prohibited. Non-Commercial Licence grants you no rights to obtain Technical Support for the Software or any discount when you upgrade to other versions of the Software.

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