LIRA-SAPR 2021 R1 Update 2 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 10 August, 2021


  • New parameter 'Wind load' is added to the properties of door and window openings; it enables you to take into account the area of the opening when collecting the positive/negative wind load in space. Plates with zero stiffness are generated inside the openings.

  • In the properties of objects there is an option to define the load case for the dead load.

  • Enhanced copy option for steel objects with assigned design parameters and cleanups.

  • Option to return to the user-defined colours of objects after using the 'Mosaic plot for certain parameters' or 'Colour of objects by stiffness, object types, materials', etc. commands.

  • Option to restore the colour of the load after using 'Mosaic plot for certain parameters' command.

  • Option to generate mosaic plot of properties for subobjects for the top edges in wall segments.

  • Corrected 'Line colour' parameter for beams.

  • Enhanced mirror copy for the text.

  • Fixed bug: the hinge node was changed (from the 1st to the 2nd) for the 'Angle' section when the meshed model is generated.

  • Enhanced transfer (to VISOR-SAPR module) of hinged support with eccentricity for the floor slabs.

  • When the 'Filter by parameters' dialog box is opened, the settings for the previous filter are cleared.

  • Enhanced generation of punching shear contours by SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011.

  • Fixed bug: program crash when you work with problems that contain a large number of structural elements (more than 10 000 StE).

  • Fixed bug: program crash when working with problems that contain a large number of types of pilot reinforcement (more than 10 000).

  • Restored option: correct calculation of nonlinear stiffness parameters for bars of circular/ring cross-section.

  • Enhanced calculation for design resistance of soil with account of the basement.

  • Restored account of additional pressure when calculating moduli of subgrade reaction of soil.

  • For the user-defined combinations defined by SP 20.13330.2011/2016 and DBN B.1.2-2:2006, the 'specific combination' option is corrected, even if the combination does not include any no appropriate load cases. It may affect the analysis of steel sections by the serviceability limit states (SLS).

  • Enhanced analysis of local buckling out of the plane of the rolled I-section according to SP 16.13330.2017.

  • Fixed bug: program failure when selecting steel sections that contain unified groups of elements.

  • Restored import of double angles section from Tekla Structures.

LIRA-FEM Analysis Client/Server

  • Fixed bug: in analysis of problems where subgrade moduli C1/C2 or pile stiffness values should be recalculated, only static / dynamic analysis were carried out, and optionally, DCL calculation and analysis of RC and steel structures.

  • To open the application, double-click appropriate icon in the notification area of the taskbar.

  • The message 'LIRA-FEM Analysis Client / Server 2021 continues to work' is displayed only when you close the window for the first time.

  • Fixed bug: if the problem was set for recalculation from another computer or from another user account, then its *.lir file was deleted. This applies only to the problems for which the analysis was not started. Now: if the analysis is not started, then only files from the exchange folder are deleted. In other cases, the message 'Your command has been sent to analysis server «computer_name.account_name» and will be processed as the server become available. If you do not need to delete files of problem initial data and results from the server, you may simply delete the files from the exchange folder manually'.

Last updated: 10 August, 2021



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