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Mathematics for engineer

6 modules
Areas and Volumes
The module contains considerable set of frequently used plane figures and solids, for which with appropriate formulas it is possible to determine areas, volumes and surface areas respectively.

Diagram Multiplication
The module is intended to multiplydiagrams of internal (unit and load) forces of various shape for solving statically indeterminate systems by force method. Computation is made by three methods: Vereshchagin formula, Mohr integral and universal numerical method.

Linear Algebra
The module is intended to solve main problems of linear algebra:
• to multiply matrix by matrix (vector);
• to compute the determinant of a matrix;
• to invert a matrix;
• to determine eigenvalues and eigenvectors;
• to solve a set of linear equations.

Polynomial Roots
The module is intended to determine complex root of polynomial that consists of real and imaginary components. Polynomial order is limited up to 36.

Function Interpolation
The module is intended to interpolate on nonuniform mesh the function defined in tabular form and compute values of interpolated function from arbitrary arguments.

Advanced Calculator ESPRI
The module presents advanced set of mathematical functions and options, such as:
• to compute expressions defined by the user as formulas;
• to compute hyperbolic function;
• to convert different measurement units;
• to compute definite integral for arbitrary function.