Groups of mass redistribution, perfectly rigid bodies, Unicode, input tables, ultimate soil pressure, lateral-torsional moment, surface load, stress at nodes, summing up the loads, pile pressure on the soil along the lateral surface, etc. We are introducing LIRA-FEM 2024, the updated version of the program.

November 23, 2023

In this version of our software solution, we have upgraded the tools for integration with other software systems. Now our users could combine design and analysis to save time and money, share data and models for improved cooperation, and integrate with other platforms more closely. It helps successfully analyse complex metal projects and reinforced concrete projects.

The LIRA-FEM 2024 R1 distribution kit is now available in the Download section. Everyone who took advantage of the preferential upgrade option (from October 1 to December 1, 2023) could download the new version of the software and update their hardware protection keys.

The most important features and options available in this version were described in the announcement. Reports and video presentations, along with a more detailed description of the significant fixes, enhancements, and new features introduced in this version of the software, will be presented later.

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