ESPRI 2014 R3 Release Notes


ESPRI program in English presents: interface and reports for the whole software package (all 77 modules), help systems are now available for 72 modules.

Punching shear

New module ‘Punching shear analysis (Belarus)’ is introduced. The module enables you to carry out punching shear analysis of rectangular slabs according to SNB 5.03.01-02 (Belarus). The presence of column capitals is considered. 8 design situations are considered in 5 possible variants.

Masonry and masonry reinforcing

The building code SP 15.13330.2012 ‘Masonry and masonry reinforcing’ is supported in the following modules:
  • Brick pier,
  • Brickwork in local compression,
  • Brick pier in tension.

Modifications to the following modules

  • Sections of RC elements;
  • Effective lengths of steel structure elements;
  • Settlement of equivalent footing;
  • Beaing capacity of piles by field test results;
  • Combined piled-raft foundation;
  • Wind loads.



LIRA-SAPR software: Version History

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