LIRA-SAPR 2014 R3 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 22 November, 2017

• added: option to export projects from REVIT 2015;

• restored: option to import/export design models between LIRA-FEM and STARK-EC through *.SLI file;

• enhanced: installation procedure for KM-SAPR module to AutoCAD version 14 or later available on computer;

• optimized algorithms for DCF (design combinations of forces) calculation by several criteria; clarified procedures of mutual exclusion and accompanying for temporary load cases included in DCF;

• modified: algorithm for DCF selection for punching shear contours;

• clarified: calculation of algorithms for RC elements with NonLinear Engineering;

• fixed bug: in the Model nonlinear load cases dialog box, several cases when there was an error message when the dialog box is started;

• clarified: calculation of crack parameters in physically nonlinear analysis of RC elements;

• enhanced: automatic check in case of complete recalculation of the problem started from Design mode using design stiffness values saved earlier;

• added: the title bar of the program now contains release number and information about 64-bit mode;

• modified: in the Perfectly rigid body and Coupled degrees of freedom (DOF) dialog boxes, the List for fragment check box is selected by default;

• restored: option to use defined time interval in the settings for AutoSave procedure;

• added: automatic check and synchronization for design options defined for separate super-elements;

• enhanced: printing for standard tables of results for selected super-elements presented as scheme;

• added: visualization for all construction lines and levels for problems imported from SAPFIR-Structures module;

• fixed: occasional failure in starting SAPFIR-Structures module when it is activated from VISOR-SAPR module (Generate fragment in SAPFIR);

• for projects imported from SAPFIR-Structures module, a set of default materials is generated according to building codes for RC structures;

• modified: in SOIL system, calculation of subgrade moduli C1 by the second method in case there are united loads of concentric shape;

• clarified: in VISOR-SAPR (Analysis of RC structures mode) and LARM-SAPR modules, input material properties accepted by default for the following building codes: codes of RF (SNIP 52-01-2003 and SP 63.13330.2012), Eurocode (EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode2), codes of Kazakhstan (СН РК EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011);

• fixed: in VISOR-SAPR (Analysis of RC structures mode) and LARM-SAPR modules, user feedback about reinforcement in bar elements according to SP 63.13330.2012 (with no account of design requirements).

• added: diagnostics for state of analysis in LARM-SAPR module;

• modified: change of documentation languages in LARM-SAPR module;

Updated Help system for LIRA-SAPR 2014 R3.

Last updated: 22 November, 2017



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