LIRA-SAPR 2018 R2 Update 2 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 31 May, 2019


  • Enhanced: option to edit slab contour for large models.
  • Corrected: export of drawings to *.dxf format.
  • Added: option to generate mirror copy for the space.
  • Enhanced: mirror copy for group of piles.
  • Corrected: mirror copy for single pile if the line of symmetry is not orthogonal.
  • Renamed snap of base point of the section, in the drop-down list of snaps there were two rows with 'Top Left' option.
  • Added: option to define value H1=0 (height of the truss at the beginning) for steel trusses.
  • Added: option to 'cancel' uniform distribution of load in the surface load that is already available.
  • Enhanced: presentation of values for loads on stair stringer in design model.
  • Corrected: option to save projective load to *.s2l file. Direction of projective load is determined properly when transferring to VISOR-SAPR.
  • Added (for 'Import floor plans'): option to generate objects (slabs, walls, openings, loads, beams) automatically along contour defined with an ellipse.
  • Corrected: error in export to *.dbf (for estimation programs), it occurred when the model contained materials with long names.
  • Corrected: presentation of concrete covers for reinforcement in auto-notes on drawings with reinforcement.
  • Modified: presentation of data on concrete volume for multi-layer wall in schedule of reinforcement, now data is presented only by concrete layer.
  • Restored: in local mode of STC-SAPR, diagrams are presented when *.stc file is opened.
  • Enhanced: analysis of bearing capacity of pile (note 7 table 7.2 SP 24.13330.2011 is considered in computing resistance coefficient along the side surface f of sand loam with void ratio e < 0.8).
  • When computing Rz of pile, settlement is determined on assumption that pile shaft is not in compression. This prevents double account of longitudinal strain of bars that the pile consists of.
  • In problems with physically nonlinear analysis of RC elements described with either types of pilot reinforcement (PR) or with parameteres of nonlinear stiffness, clarified use of different nonlinear stress-strain diagrams of reinforcement for certain rebars and reinforcement meshes.
  • Clarified: interpretation of formular values for parameters of reinforcement colour palette, enhanced format for presentation of numbers when they are displayed on colour palette of reinforcement if the ranges are defined by formula.
  • Enhanced: generation of standard text tables with results of DCF calculation for problems with Time History Analysis.
  • Corrected: possible failure of the program when the user opens *.lir files with Time History Analysis.
  • Restored: analysis of load on fragment carried out by the solver of previous versions for design models that contain not more than 1 million 600 hundred nodes and elements.
  • For mosaic plots of bimoment Mw, when you click any range on the colour palette, appropriate elements will be selected on the model.
  • In new graphic based on DirectX, option to select on the model the 2-node elements with zero length, such as FE of elastic springs with account of ultimate forces (FE 255).
  • Restored: option to define load on slab edge in case the loaded edge is defined by selecting its nodes.
  • Corrected (in problems with NL Engineering 2): possible failure of the program when the user deletes load case included into characteristic combination.
  • Added: support of building code SNIP KP 20-02:2018 Earthquake engineering. General rules (Kyrgyzstan).
  • For bar elements where values for diagrams of applied loads are the same in neighbouring bars, presentation of such values on diagrams is enhanced.
  • Restored: for earthquake load 44 (Eurocode EN 1998 - 1:2004), generation of graphs for horizontal and vertical spectrums of elastic reaction.
  • In procedure for DCF calculation for problems with Time History Analysis, list of available analysis results (required for work with design modules) is enhanced.
  • Support for different units of measurement in the 'Loads on pile' table.
  • Added: option to select version of LIRA-FEM (from installed versions) for integration with Autodesk Revit (without another installation of LIRA-SAPR).
  • Restored: option 'Generate in SAPFIR' that enables the user to generate new fragment of the model in SAPFIR.
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Last updated: 31 May, 2019



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