LIRA-SAPR 2018 R1 Update 1 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 17 July, 2018

  • Corrected: auto-scaling when you add/delete elements of the model.
  • Corrected: colour palette of reinforcement in auto-scaling mode.
  • Corrected: analysis of reinforcement for large problems.
  • Corrected: computing of reserve factor to check the pilot reinforcement by Wood theory.
  • Clarified: analysis with account of creep of materials in thermal loads.
  • Corrected: forces are transferred correctly from the main model to the local mode of analysis of pinned beam-column connection.
  • Corrected: selection of steel sections according to SP 16.13330.2017 in analysis by reduced geometric properties.
  • Corrected: options to define and edit types of pilot reinforcement (PR).
  • Enhanced: algorithm for import of selected reinforcement to Autodesk Revit.
  • Added: for the integrated problem, after analysis in METEOR system, it is possible to preview envelope diagrams and mosaic plots of bimoments.
  • Added: new type of forced (bimoment) in DCF tables.
  • Corrected: presentation of output data for crack propagation in FE 410.
  • Added: animation of vibrations by analysis results of Time history analysis in new graphics based on DirectX.
  • Corrected: visualization based on DirectX in case the model is merged from sub-models.
  • Corrected: list of problems for analysis in METEOR system.
  • Enhanced work with Report Book:
    • added: documentation of output data with account of warping in section in tabular format;
    • corrected: work with Report Book in new graphics based on DirectX.
  • For the GDI graphics, it is possible to present values for the visible face of solids with greater area.
  • Added: for solids, option to present values on mosaic plots in contrast colour.
  • Corrected: selection of vertical/horizontal bars with the help of construction lines.


  • Added: option to save files to previous versions of the program (SAPFIR-3D 2016, SAPFIR-3D 2017) with the Save as command.
  • Modified: auto arranging for notation of elevations on all storeys is available only for Elevation or Section views; it is not available for plans.
  • Enhanced: graphical editing for notation of elevations with the check points.
  • Added: option to save the setting files of parametric filter to the folder Initial\Filters, filters are available in other work sessions, projects and may be copied to other computers.
  • Corrected: presentation of loads on flight of stairs with filter by load cases.
  • Corrected: option to cancel interactive editing for cutting plane in sections.
  • Corrected: automatic editing of lines and contours on drawings.
  • Corrected: generation of meshed model of the slab with two parametric loads (dead + live) by Meshed model button in the Project structure window.
  • Enhanced plugin for Grasshopper + Rhinoceros
  • Added: new parameters for SAPFIR components in the Grasshopper environment. Option to assign cross-section generated in Rhino to components of columns and beams. When you select SAPFIR components in the Grasshopper environment, parameters of these objects are presented in SAPFIR.
  • Added: when generating physical model, option to define settings for intersections individually for every object.
  • Added (SAPFIR-Generator): for the node of generating an opening, option to select storeys to which this opening will be copied.
Last updated: 17 July, 2018



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