LIRA-SAPR 2017 R4 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 4 July, 2018


  • Added: two-way integration between LIRA-SAPR 2017 and Tekla Structures 2017i.
  • Added: analysis of concrete sections with fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) bars according to DSTU-H B V.2.6-185:2012. Analysis of reinforcement is carried out according to DBN V.2.6-98:2009.
  • Added: check of results obtained in analysis of the problem in other versions of LIRA-FEM that have compatible format of the output data.
  • Clarified: computation of concrete volume for symmetric and asymmetric reinforcement and in elements with no reinforcement.
  • Corrected: auto-scaling when you add/delete elements of the model.
  • Enhanced: tables of the Report Book for fragments of the model.
  • Modified: mosaic plot of forces on faces of solids.
  • Modified: when you change colour and font size for the text, modifications will be made in all open windows of the program.
  • Corrected: order of finite elements in structural elements of bars.
  • Corrected: for super-element problems, output data for reinforcement in bars.
  • Restored: angle of pure rotation (in local coordinate system of the element) is considered correctly for FE 55 that simulates elastic spring between nodes.
  • Clarified: account of unification in plates.
  • Clarified: stiffness of the ring section for physically nonlinear analysis.
  • Corrected: forces are transferred correctly from the main model to the local mode of analysis of pinned beam-column connection.
  • Corrected: presentation of output data for crack propagation in FE 410.


  • Corrected: graphical editing of grid lines where there are no intervals along certain direction. Now, even if the table of interval is empty, you can graphically stretch the parametric grid lines to the required size by means of a check point with an automatic increase in number of intervals.
  • Enhanced: interactive editing for notation of elevations with the check points it is possible to graphically edit direction of arrow and leader line.
  • Modified: auto arranging for notation of elevations on all storeys is available only for Elevation or Section views; it is not available for plans.
  • Corrected: option to cancel interactive editing for cutting plane in sections.
  • Corrected: presentation of loads on flight of stairs with filter by load cases.
  • Corrected: plane of load application from prism, cone, sphere and rotation surface.
  • Enhanced: command Separate dimension chain (into separate dimensions).
  • Added: for linear dimension and dimension chain, account of positioning method Fixed level of work plane.
  • Corrected: import of text file.
  • Corrected: collection of masses for the earthquake load case.
  • Corrected: mirror image of rebars on reinforcement patterns of stiffening diaphragms.
  • Restored: auto update of rebar chairs in the specification of reinforcement when their length was modified in parameters of reinforcement model.
  • Corrected: generation of punching shear contours.
  • Corrected: presentationon (on drawing) of the contour line of hatching (for the hatching with infill).
  • Corrected: modification of lines and contours on drawings.
  • Added: when files are imported from Revit and Tekla Structures in LiraKM format, overall dimensions of RC sections are rounded off with precision up to 1 mm.
  • Restored: Analyse command in the Filtrate elements dialog box. This command is used to display all values available in the model for a certain parameter.

Last updated: 4 July, 2018



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