R2 Update 1 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 19 December, 2017

  • Report book: corrected error that occurred when you add/insert element to the Report Book.  If the chapter in the Report Book was different from the root one, then the added element was lost. The error occurred only when you open the *.lir file next time. The error is present only in LIRA-SAPR 2017 R2.
  • Modified option: change of languages in graph of kinetic energy for problems analysed in Dynamic-plus system. 
  • Corrected error in reading stiffness while importing LiraKM file. 
  • Corrected error: when you start analysis of the problem if the model contains structural elements but unification of these elements is not defined. Analysis did not start. 
  • Modified option: account of design requirements for flexural elements in module of reinforcement according to SP 63.13330.2012.  

Last updated: 19 December, 2017



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